May 5, 2012

Carlisle Teachers Receive Excellence Award

Congratulations to Becky Sherwood and Sara Ward!
Congratulations to CTA member Becky Sherwood for receiving “Teacher Excellence” and CTA member Sara Ward for receiving “Innovative Teacher” for 2011-2012. They were both recognized at the Warren County Area Progress Council Teacher Excellence Dinner on May 2nd. In addition to their families,  attending the dinner in support and celebration of Sara and Becky were Board members Tammy Lainhart and Bill Jewell, as well as Superintendent Larry Hook, Principals Mike Milner and Jodi Leichman, and several CTA member colleagues. Congratulations to Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Sherwood on an honor well-deserved! See more details in the Western Star article and the Middletown Journal article.

April 28, 2012    Updated May 5, 2012

Combined Bond Issue, Levy Fail Twice; Carlisle Local School District Cuts Eight Teaching Positions

Support for students reduced – For years we have worked to do more with less. The district has cut administrators, teachers, and classified positions, and cut the expenses of daily operations. Still, we worked to provide better and better instruction, each year improving our scores on the district report card. This year Carlisle earned an “Excellent” rating.

Meanwhile, state legislators chose budget cuts that harm public education, not only in Carlisle but across the state. New Governor Kasich threw out the funding model implemented by former Governor Strickland, one which had been researched for years through a bi-partisan effort of all the stakeholders, and had promise in finally “fixing” the court-ruled unconstitutional school funding formula in Ohio. Kasich’s replacement? A temporary bridge formula that is insufficient and that school districts had no time to plan for — one which de-prioritizes public education in Ohio and diverts funds to charter schools.

This year the Carlisle Board of Education asked the community for support for a bond issue/levy, citing the opportunity of getting almost $30 million (about 50% of the cost) from the state tobacco settlement funds to help Carlisle build new schools for their entire school population. There was a tremendous response of “YES” votes, however there were even more “NO” votes and the issue/levy failed, twice. As a result, the district, in order to remain in the black, has made more cuts to expenses. The positions being cut will result in reduced services to Carlisle’s students:

  • 1 Media position

  • 1 Secondary Math position

  • 1 Secondary Language Arts position

  • 1 Gifted Interventionist

  • 1 Title 1 position

  • 1 Primary position

  • 1 Intervention Specialist position

  • 1 Physical Education position

Superintendent Larry Hook states that the district will continue to watch for opportunities to responsibly cut costs and trim the budget as additional retirements and resignations occur.

Class sizes, course offerings, and programs/support for students all depend on having adequate resources. See theMiddletown Journal articles..

Fall, 2011

Carlisle Schools Rated EXCELLENT!
At the Fall Homecoming football game, Carlisle Local School District was officially recognized for its EXCELLENT rating by the Ohio Department of Education. This rating can only be achieved through the combined efforts of excellent educators, students, staff, parents, and community. Congratulations, everyone!


Collective Bargaining WORKS!

Labor-Management Collaboration and Partnerships

by Leslie Nettling, CTA PresidentWhen we discuss “collective bargaining”, it is important not to limit our thinking to the negotiation of fair compensation. Collective bargaining has also yielded smaller class sizes for students, improved learning/teaching conditions, and formed district structures — Instructional Leadership Team, Labor Management Committee — leading to stronger labor-management collaboration.
Through strong labor-management partnerships between teachers’ unions and administrators, we are able to provide the strongest opportunities for our students!
“Collective bargaining has provided a path for teachers and administrators to work together to find solutions and create opportunities” for their students. “Partnerships between schools, school districts and educators may be surprising to many people exposed to a steady diet of attacks on unions,” says NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. “But across the country, in community after community, collective bargaining and other forms of consensus and collaboration are transforming public education.”
Our fellow CTA members and Carlisle School District’s administrators are to be commended for their commitment to the Instructional Leadership Team and the Labor Management Committee. Just as important, ALL our members and administrators are to be commended for supporting that collaboration by communicating needs, interests, and ideas with those who represented us on the committees. This collaboration is vital to our ability to communicate, solve problems, aspire for excellence in education, and make adjustments for changing needs and visions for the future.

CTA…remaining strong in our opposition to Senate Bill 5 and any of the SB5-type provisions included in HB153 (state budget). We believe in a strong Public Education; we believe in our students!

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